Ellie is currently fighting hard to win her battle against cancer.

Ellie Washington was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in her right ear canal on 05/01/15 at the age of 17 months old. She underwent 43 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation, she was declared in remission on 02/01/16.

Ellie remained in remission for 2 years. Until a couple days before routine scans when she couldn’t open her eye. On June 11, 2018, doctors at Cincinnati Children’s hospital determined she had relapsed. She has continued to fight and is the toughest girl we know!

On December 9th, 2020, Ellie and her family learned that something showed up on Ellie's MRI on the way back home to West Virginia. They then traveled back to Cincinnati for a biopsy, followed by a special mapping CT Scan so the surgeon could figure out how to get to whatever was in Ellie's face. On Monday December 28th, 2020, the family was informed that Ellie had relapsed. She was in remission for 17 months prior.

This is now Ellie's third battle with cancer. She has had embroynal rhabdomyosarcoma all three times. The doctors say battling the same cancer over and over is worse that battling a new one each time because your body remembers the chemotherapies and may not fight the cancer as well.

The family is not losing hope and neither is Ellie. She is the bravest fighter we know. Join us as we continue to help and support Ellie and her family during this most difficult time.

You may have to fight the battle more than once to win it.

– Margaret Thatcher

Our team at Bobcat, WV wanted to help, and ensure Ellie knew we were fighting with her.

We took one of our skid steers and had it custom designed and wrapped specifically for Ellie, that will be available for rent. Bobcat WV will take a portion of the rental fee and donate to Ellie and her family to support their continued fight against childhood cancer.

You can help support Ellie and her fight, too.

When it comes to fighting childhood cancer, everyone can use the additional help and support. If you are interested or able to help Ellie in her battle against cancer, the family has setup a GoFundMe page to which all support goes directly to her family.

Interested in renting Ellie's Skid Steer?

Contact the Bobcat WV team today to check the availability of Ellie’s Skid Steer, or fill out the form below and our team will contact you!